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How five days at an all-inclusive resort re-energized my business mindset

If you had asked me when I was a kid if I ever thought I’d take a vacation like this, I would have told you there was no way. Not in a million years. The mere idea of it was laughable. These are not the kinds of vacations “people like us” take. These are not the kinds of vacations that I would ever have the money for. These are not the kinds of vacations I deserve.

Well, I did it. And while vacationing at an all-inclusive resort may not seem like a big deal to many of you, I found myself humbled and grateful for the experience. Here are a few things I learned not only about myself but about growing a business.

You create the experiences you deserve.

Growing up with relatively little money, my entire adult life has been a fairly substantial money-mindset journey. Getting to a place in our careers where my husband and I have the income to spend on a vacation like this is humbling in itself. Accepting that it’s okay to spend money on this kind of luxury is a mountain we’ve climbed together. 

The word “deserve” is a tricky little guy. I believe that you deserve anything you work for, you want, and you desire. When you find the balance of money mindset, gratitude, and acceptance, and you’ll deserve everything that comes your way.

This is the same in business. If you believe success is possible, then you deserve every bit of it.


Everyone is important

This resort could not run without the dedication and kindness of its staff. This resort also could not run without couples like my husband and me spending a little extra to relax. This resort depends on every single person in every single role to be successful.

Same with your business. Your customers, your employees, your family – everyone plays a role in your success. Be grateful for them and treat them with kindness.


Everyone is worth taking care of

As a guest, you are taken care of at the resort. Whether this was your first time or your tenth time on their property, you were taken care of. If you make 60K per year or 6 million per year, you were taken care of. Never did I feel slighted. Never did I feel less important than another guest. And while being waited on all day, every day took a little getting used to (okay, a lot of getting used to) I never felt like anyone else was getting more or less attention than I was.

Same with your business. Treat every customer and employee with respect and you’ll have life-long followers who respect and appreciate you. 



Everyone has a common goal

Every guest, no matter their income level, last name, day job, or family was there to relax and get away for a while. I never felt out of place because everyone there had one thing in common-just relax. It never occurred to me to judge where someone came from or where they were going back to because the purpose was to just be.

Same with your business. Every customer is there because they need you and what you have to offer. It does not matter where they have been or where they are going. It only matters that at this moment, they need what you are offering. And that is enough.



If you’ve ever struggled with mental blocks around what you deserve, what you "should" be doing with your business, or how you "should" act, I suggest a week away at an all-inclusive resort. Get all of the “should’s” out of the way and build your business your way.

Because when you act like you deserve it, you start to believe you deserve it. And when you believe you deserve it, you do. Take a hint from the resort mindset and know that we are already rich. It’s time we start acting like it in our daily lives.


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