5 reasons to celebrate the little things in life


There are so many quotes around celebrating the little things in life and while they are all well-intended, I find most of them uninspiring. 

Don't get me wrong, celebrating the tiny moments in life is super important. Far more important than we often make it out to be. I'm just thinking maybe the true benefits can't be summed up in a single sentence for an Instagram post. So what are these reasons for us to slow down, stop and smell the roses, and enjoy the present - because, as its name implies, it's truly a gift. (see what I did there? I snuck in the corny quotes anyway.)

1. It makes the journey more fun

We are all busy beyond busy. There are so many life events and hobbies and relationships that consume every day of our lives. And the older I get, the faster time seems to go. So what better way to appreciate all of the amazing baby steps, milestones and moments we encounter every day than by consciously taking a moment each day (or at least once a week) to write down a list of five amazing things that happened to you, for you, or because of you. 

It's a total mood booster, a smile creator, and a warm-fuzzy generator. Give it a shot! It helps time slow down for a brief moment.  

2. It creates memories

Without these little pauses in our life, our brains don't have time to move these thoughts from short term memories to long term memories. As you put in all the hard work and hustle and time and dedication, don't you want to, at a minimum, have a memory of where you are today?  I sure do. 

Take a pause. Let your brain catch up and process today's little victories. 

3. It helps define how far you've come 

You cannot determine how far you've come if you forget to measure where you are today. Take notice of what you're doing, thinking, feeling, and working on now. Because in six months, or six years, you're going to want to be able to say with conviction, "look how much I've accomplished!" 

Today is a new starting point. Take note. Appreciate where you are today. It'll make next year's victories all that much sweeter.

4. It makes other people feel good

You don't have to only celebrate your own little wins. In fact, I highly encourage you to compliment one person every single day. In person and on social media. Be kind and notice other people's tiny wins. It'll make the world a much happier, more successful place to live.  

5. It starts and ends your day right

We talk a lot about gratitude for a good reason. Starting each day by being thankful for what you have positions your brain to look for the good in people, events, and activities throughout the day.

Ending your day with a moment of celebration helps your brain relax and move back into a positive space - a space that is so easily lost throughout the day of work and hustle.  Start on a positive note; end on a positive note. It won't be long before you'll have trained your brain to automatically act and react with positivity. 


Just like a vacation. Each day should be an adventure, create a memory, and make you smile. 

These tiny moments add up to one giant journey and if you don't pay attention along the way, you'll never realize how far you've come. 

Rachel Frederick