How many lives will you change?

It's time to increase your impact on your local community.

Set yourself apart from your local competition and impact more lives than you ever thought possible!

If you're like other small business owners in the total wellness industry, then you are one of the most passionate people on the planet. What you’re doing to improve healthy habits of your community is admirable. But it’s tough out there right now... there's so much noise!

  • How do you stand out from the crowd?
  • How do you attract the customers that you enjoy working with?
  • And then - even more importantly - how do you get those customers to stay?


What if I told you it was as easy as digging deep into your story - the journey you took to get where you are today, and then shouting it from the roof tops?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you!

Imagine for a moment that you are your prospect looking to improve yourself in some way. Maybe you want to lose weight, get in shape, reconnect and refocus with yourself... 

Now imagine there are a dozen local businesses specializing in these services.

Do you chose the business with the stock photos and re-purposed logo?

Or do you chose the business that is a little different and a little more confident. The business with personality. The business that, when you walk through the doors clearly knows their industry and their customer. The business that has a passion for what they do and a love for their clients...

Kind of a no-brainer, right?

Well, you can be that second business that portrays a confidence, purpose, and passion for what you do.

You can attract those customers who are looking to improve themselves in one way or another.

And all without spending more money on staff, more time away from your family and hobbies.

It's time to make your marketing feel effortless!

My name is Rachel and after working more than a decade in the corporate world, learning business practices, customer service, and marketing, I decided to take what I knew and use it to help others grow their businesses.
I work with some of the most passionate people on the planet – small business owners in the health and wellness industry. Together we take what is an already amazing story and turn it into a usable marketing platform. 
  • Without feeling salesy
  • Without adding hours to your day
  • Without introducing all kind of technology that will take a long time to learn and add frustration (an hours!) to your week.
I show busy business owners just like you how to create a system and impliment marketing techniques that fit into your schedule. 
There is no one right way to successfully market a business - it's all about consistency and honesty.
I've shown small business owners how to attract better customers, increase customer loyalty, and all without sacrificing integrity!

Come join us inside...

The Wellness Marketing Tribe

We're building an amazing close-knit community of small business owners who are yoga instructors, nutritionists, personal trainers, wellness coordinators, massage therapists, holistic healers...

The list goes on!  

People like you who understand that total body wellness is the key to ultimate health. All together in one place. Learning how to customize and apply marketing techniques to your own business to make it work for you. 


Nutrition. Exercise. Mindfulness. 

Are you interested in...

Taking your small business to the next level?

Getting back to the parts of the business you love (and less of the busy work?)

A team of like-minded business owners keeping you accountable?

A guided step-by-step monthly plan to keep you moving forward?

Learning more about how to successfully combine nutrition, exercise and mindfulness into your business?

A chance to ask all of your questions and get them answered month after month after month?

Reviews of your individual marketing materials?

Then this group is for you!

What's included in The Wellness Marketing Tribe?

A new 10-day challenge

each month for 12 months to keep you moving forward. Each step is designed to build on the ones before. Before you know it, you'll have run a marathon!

Monthly Q&A live calls

to cover ANYTHING that is holding you back in your business. This includes marketing, branding, business building, leadership, and more!

Monthly deep-dive

into topics that directly impact your business, with actionable steps WITHOUT the overwhelm 


with noteworthy industry representatives. 

A private community forum

where we'll share our wins and our struggles.

Access to courses

to all current and future courses under $500. And steep discounts on any course created over $500

Copy of my book on life balance.

All for one monthly membership fee.

AND! even after the 12 months is over, you get full lifetime access to everything at no additional cost. All new additions, interviews, content, videos, templates, etc. - yours for no extra $$$ 

Together we'll build your business foundation one month at a time!

Month #1: You and your customers - a deep dive.

Month #2: Content marketing gold

Month #3: Websites and SEO

Month #4: Branding your business and graphic design

Month #5: Copywriting crash course 

Month #6: Developing your business mindset

Month #7: Goal setting and review

Month #8: Leveraging your community

Month #9: Email marketing and newsletters

Month #10: Everything else!

Month #11 & 12: Creating your customized, personalized business marketing plan.

What others are saying... 

"If you ever feel like marketing your brand, and marketing yourself is a 25-hour-a-day job, you need to contact Rachel! Her company is well-named: The Well-Balanced Business. When I began to work with Rachel I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted."

Diane B.
Health & Fitness Coach

"I'm really impressed at how much thought and research Rachel put into our business! "

Ben D.
Small Business Owner

"Rachel is a very talented, creative and resourceful. It’s terrific working with her! She has a wealth of ideas. When working with Rachel, there’s no ego to deal with — just a great personality. And professionalism. She is a breath of fresh air, both professionally and personally. It’s always ‘win-win’ when Rachel is around."

Plamen D.
Small Business Owner

Bonus #1


You'll also get, at no additional cost, the course that started it all!

Small Business Branding
Made Easy

(sells for $75)

Why? because above all, I want you to have the tools you need to continue to impact the world in most successful way possible.


Course Outline

Small Business Branding Made Easy is a course for small business owners who are looking to build a consistent branded look, feel, and voice to their entire business.

  • MODULE #1  we cover “what is branding” and why a successful brand is key to increasing sales.
  • MODULE #2 we take a look at creating and refining your ideal customer profile so you know exactly whom you are talking to.
  • MODULE #3 & #4 we take a look at color and font choices so you know what your visual brand says about you before anyone reads a single word.
  • MODULE #5 we talk about your voice, your copywriting style, your tone, and how it can make a world of difference in how your customers perceive you.
  • FINALLY! we’ll take a look at your personal story and how to take each of these elements and combine them into a brand that shows off your true business personality.

This last module is by far the most important because it leverages the single most unique aspect of your business - YOU!

This is a course designed to bring positive change and growth to your personal passion - your business. All by taking advantage of what makes you special. So what do you say? are you ready to:

increase profits? Increase customers? And increase loyalty? 

Bonus #2

One-on-one coaching

The next 10 people to register get an hour-long one-on-one coaching call. You and I will dive into your specific questions and pain points together.  Sign up today so you don't miss this bonus
worth $200 alone!

But wait there's more!

There are a number of additional resources that you'll get when you join The Wellness Marketing Tribe. 

You get... 

Bonus #3   Brand auditing and customization checklist 

Bonus #4  Creating your ideal customer avatar planning guide 

Bonus #5 Telling your story through branding workbook 

Bonus #6  Font and color wall poster 

Bonus # 7  Social Media scheduling calendar

Bonus #8 Content Strategy and Planning Guide

Bonus #9 Create your custom marketing plan (workbook)

What happens if you don't join us?

What happens if you don't join us? 

Not much, really.

You're business will continue to function exactly as it is today. 

You'll watch as others around you continue to move forward... learn to grow their business... Some with baby steps. Some with medium steps, and some with giant leaps. 

Those who join the Tribe are in the last category - by joining a community of like-minded business owners with similar goals and dreams, you're surrounding yourself with motivated individuals like yourself. People who will help you grow and push you to be the best business owner possible.  

And now, with two amazing options on how to join in, two amazing options on how to take your business to the next level in a balanced, organized, healthy way...? 

How can you go wrong? 


12 monthly payments of...


month by month


A year of monthly, 10-day challenges to keep you moving forward and up!

Full access to Small Business Branding Made Easy.

An amazing community forum.

Step-by-step process to improve your brand and your marketing - on YOUR terms.

Live Q&A each month. 

Copy of my book on Life Balance.

Monthly deep-dive topics with actionable steps that spare you the overwhelm.

 Interviews and case studies with small business owners and marketing experts!

Cancel at any time. No questions asked. 

I'm ready!

One single payment of...


access for the entire year


A year of monthly, 10-day challenges to keep you moving forward and up!

Full access to Small Business Branding Made Easy.

An amazing community forum.

Step-by-step process to improve your brand and your marketing - on YOUR terms.

Live Q&A each month. 

Copy of my book on Life Balance.

Monthly deep-dive topics with actionable steps that spare you the overwhelm.

 Interviews and case studies with small business owners and marketing experts!

Cancel at any time. No questions asked   

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